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Management Team

Jesse Gallagher
President, Operations Manager

As Founder of True Aviation Inc., Jesse is most proud of True’s ability to retain their client’s trust for over a decade. Facilitating mobility at just below the speed of sound and providing a literal top down view from 45,000 feet, Jesse’s 20 plus years of aviation experience is the foundation of True Aviation. In addition to vast experiences piloting multiple jets and helicopters around the globe, he possesses strong entrepreneurial attributes. Before narrowing the focus of True Aviation to a set of core competencies, he managed and sold; FAA Certified Air Carriers, Maintenance Repair Stations, Flight Schools with University components and certified the first ever Full Motion Advanced Aviation Training Device. Academic achievements are a BS in Aviation Management / Flight Operations from Florida Institute of Technology and a MBA from Marywood University. FAA pilot credentials include: Air Transport Pilot Certificate with 7 Jet Type Ratings, Certified Flight Instructor authority for visual/instrument flight conditions in both Airplanes and Helicopters. As an early supporter and adopter of Safety Management Systems (SMS), the International Civil Aviation Organization named Jesse as an Accredited IS-BAO auditor. To relax he enjoys alpine and off piste snow skiing, diving and renovating homes. Also he claims to be one of the most versatile men alive, with the ability to adapt and have fun participating in almost any social, professional, work or sport environment.


Brad Snyder
Chief Pilot

Brad has been working in the aviation industry for 18 years. His educational background is airport management. He owned and operated an FBO then became the chief instructor for a collegiate aviation program. He has flown and managed aircraft for a US congressman for 15 years. His flight experience and understanding of FAA operations and regulations led him to his chief pilot position at True Aviation.


Julio Maradiaga
Director of Maintenance


Matthew Blough
Lead A&P

Matt is the Lead Airframe & Powerplant Technician who oversees the day-to-day maintenance activities of True’s fleet. His responsibilities include: scheduling maintenance and repairs in accordance with required FAA standards. His direct involvement with the aircraft, maintenance providers, and parts department insures aircraft are operating at peak performance and tasks and inspections are completed on time. He comes to True factory trained on various Bombardier platforms.