Aircraft Management

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Aircraft Management

True offers 24/7 in office support and their professionally trained team of schedulers and dispatchers insures no detail is overlooked and that each flight itinerary is fully planned with resources appropriately assigned. From pilot assignment, dispatch release, and flight following True’s flight operations team is experienced and fully versed in both domestic and international flights.

Client Account Manager (CAM)

Through partnership with Chartright, each aircraft owner has a dedicated Client Account Manager (CAM) to oversee all aspects of the owner’s flying and to serve as the primary point of contact for reservations and flight planning information.  CAMs are senior Flight Coordinators who have received extensive training in maintenance coordination, invoicing, dispatch, and crew scheduling. As a result of this training, CAMs can easily navigate through the different departments to get answers to any owner question. In brief, a CAM is the owner’s advocate for all matters relating to the aircraft.


Client Service Portal

True utilizes Chartright’s Client Service Portal (CSP) which is a web-enabled program available exclusively to aircraft owners. The CSP gives owners the ability to access comprehensive financial and operating information pertaining to their managed aircraft. Access to the Chartright CSP is via the Internet using either a web browser or mobile device.  The CSP is encrypted, thus a login and password is required. Upon logging into the CSP aircraft owners immediately gain access to:

  • Flight Activity
  • Charter Activity
  • Aircraft Operational Statistics
  • Cost and Revenue Drill-down Reports
  • Accounting Documents

Data contained in the CSP can be customized by the Owner to display in a variety of viewing modes that best suit the preferences of the reader. The level of detail available can range from high-level overview to specific details.

Management solutions
Management solutions


Safety is the foundation for which True operates. We ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors, agents, and associated companies, while meeting applicable regulations and maintaining elite safety ratings.

We hold each employee accountable as a safety citizen, while ensuring oversight of the safety system through inspections and the audit process. We keep abreast of industry trends, ensuring that updated knowledge and training is transmitted throughout our organization.

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