Falcon 50

The Falcon 50 is able to complete intercontinental flights, and still maintain a short takeoff distance providing a great balance between speed, range and payloads. The roomy cabin on this aircraft, measuring more than twenty-three feet long, is configured with eight individual captain seats allowing the passengers ample space to relax and work in comfort. The three engines provide ample thrust on takeoff to perform well at altitude airports and short runways. The aircraft has been fully updated, and has state-of- the-art cabin amenities, electronics and unlimited domestic WiFi.


Number of passengers


Cruising speed

410 knots

Cabin height

5.9 ft

Cabin volume

700 ft3

Baggage capacity

115 ft3

Cabin amenities

Falcon 50EX “Wave” style galley
Full galley with crystal glassware
Inflight brewable coffee machine
Convection oven
Unlimited Gogo Inflight Domestic WiFi
6 x 110 volt power outlets including
USB Type-A & USB Type-C ports
Iridium satellite phone system
Airshow moving maps
Entertainment system includes DVD
2 x 20” video monitors
Thermal/Acoustic cabin insulation and noise reduction system by Flight Environments
Internal baggage/coat closet
Cabin LED lighting
Fully enclosed lavatory with sink

Aircraft Range Map


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